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         DubaiChina wants YOU due to her business development as the largest Chinese online portal in Dubai. It is thought that a TALENT must be of capability, who overcomes others in competence and abilities. A TALENT is also equipped with the abilities of expert in certain field, insight, good analyzing, deep-depth understanding. All those above make up of a TALENT!

What is TALENT in our company?

The one who can play a role in the company, be made full use of by the company and distinguish himself or herself on the job. That is our TALENT. Otherwise, you are not a TALENT, no matter how talented you are if you cant get along with our team or cant be utilized by the company.

We want you:

DubaiChina---- editors, ads marketing promotion, video clipper, activity planner, media designer, secretary, computer processor.

Al Nahar Tours & Travel---- operator (tickets, hotels booking)





Excuate the duties firmly

Dedicated to the post

Please refer to

What is the Gap 

, before you apply for one post.

Notes: Indicate the post you apply for in case of too many emails we receive.
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