DCME Group Cast AED Tens of Millions for the Acquisition of DubaiChina

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On Jan. 1st, 2016, DCME Group cast AED tens of millions for the acquisition of DubaiChina and her online platforms of O2O, F2O, P2P and B2B, officially becoming the holding company of DubaiChina.

DCME Group much weighs the investment in the projects and platforms of global internet and online trading. The two parties decided to reach the contract in Dubai on Jan. 1st, 2016, after a deep-depth communication and evaluation with each other which had experienced as long as one year.

DubaiChina is not only the largest local Chinese website in UAE, but also the NO.1 Internet portal in Dubai.

On the signing ceremony, JH, the director of DCME Group, said to the media that the acquisition of DubaiChina is its first step into the middle east Internet market, which helps consolidate the existing position of DubaiChina in the market. In the future, a series of innovative commercial operations and managing strategies will be adopted to bring DubaiChina to a new level of middle east Chinese Internet platform and to promote its consistent and stable development in this filed, he also said.

Decided by the board of DCME Group, Mr. Ying, the founder of DubaiChina, will continue to serve as general manager, independently responsible for the business of dubaichina.cn/dibaichina.com, Huawen Magazine, Lucky Card etc. Mr. Ying also said DubaiChina will not only welcome a more accelerating development, wide-spread coverage and well-known reputation, but also she will quickly become a new star in the internet field through this acquisition. 

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