Hyper Exhilaration: the Chinese Lafitte Night in Dubai

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Ms Lau Jialing said the one who can taste the wine understands two kinds of life, which is the best meditation for people on the wine.

At 4pm, on November 4th, 2016, DubaiChina hold the Chinese Lafitte Night in Dubai at Radisson Blu Hotel.

HostJUCON    Undertaker: DubaiChina      Sponsor: Qian Long Flower

Staff arrived early at the scene to arrange the event site, such as light adjustment, led screen testing, and seating arrangement etc., striving for the excellent atmosphere of the party.

Elites from all walks of life were present, which made the party more brilliant and spot-lighted!

Due to limited space, more live pictures will be posted in the future.




The guests to house, the melody to enjoy!














The wine taster was teaching the knowledge of wine on site, from which the editor benefited a lot.





Whoever present at the scene can participated in raffle draw with considerable gifts!

First prize: double round-trip tickets for European


Second prize: double round-trip tickets for Maldives


Third prize: double round-trip tickets for Sri Lanka


The editor is so envious of you guysss!!! May the Chinese people in Dubai to binge in the daytime while singing & to return hometown while remaining youthful, which for the mood of experience. PS: For more information, please contact DubaiChina.

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