The Inauguration Ceremony of Chinese Women’s Association UAE

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On November 11th,2016, the Inauguration Ceremony of Chinese Womens Association UAE was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai. The ceremony was fully prepared by the Chinese Consulate General in UAE and the UAE Chinese women.


The consul general of China in Dubai Mrs Li Lingbing attended the inaugural ceremony with the fellows, including the deputy consul general Mr. Ma Xuliang, the chief representative of CCPIT  Representative Office in the Gulf Area Mr. Zhang Xijing, the chairman of China Chamber of Commerce in UAE Mr. Wang Song and other representatives from UAE government, UAE Chinese business association, UAE Chinese corporations and Muslim overseas Chinese, amounting to nearly 500 people.


The secretary general of Chinese Womens Association UAE announced Ms. Pan Xiuping as the  first president of Chinese Womens Association UAE.

The Chinese Womens Association UAE received the overwhelming congratulations across the mother land, including Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas, International Liaison of ACWF, Fujian Womens Association, Ruian Womens Association, Liaoning Association for International Exchange with Overseas Chinese, Anshan Federation of Returned Overseas, Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation UAE, UAE Chinese Association of Commerce, UAE Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, UAE Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Ajiman Chinese Chamber of Commerce, UAE Henan Chamber of Commerce & Townsmen Association, UAE Jianxi Chamber of Commerce, UAE Wenzhou Townsmen Association, Tianjin Overseas Friendship Association, UAE Hunan Chamber of Commerce and other leaders and concerned departments from various regions.


President Pan made the inauguration address.


Consul Li addressed the conference.


Consul Li and President Pan unveiled the plaque for the Chinese Womens Association UAE.


Consul Li presented the president certificate to President Pan. 


Presents were exchanged with each other.


Distinguished guests were present in the grandeur ceremony.


Consul Ma Xuliang and President Pan granted the certificates to the honorary presidents of the Chinese Womens Association UAE.


Consul Ma Xuliang and President Pan granted the certificates to the honorary consultants of the Chinese Womens Association UAE.


Consul Ma Xuliang and President Pan granted the certificates to the supervisor, executive vice presidents and vice presidents of the Chinese Womens Association UAE.


The Chinese Womens Association UAE has signed the strategic partnership with the Royal Emirates Dragon Cultural Exchange Center, Dubai, CATV, Dubai Caravan at the scene.


The inauguration ceremony has received the presents from the domestic and the UAE business associations.


Delicate gifts were provided for the attendees at the inauguration ceremony.

Membership of the Chinese Womens Association UAE as follows:

Founding president: 

Pan Xiuping

Honorary president:

Bu Yanfang、 Li Dongxia、Wuer Dan Wu、Cui Chundi

Honorary consultant:

Shi Jiaoyang、 Tian Yi、 Liu Ya、 Liu Yanhui、 Zhang Qiongyin


Cai Yuehuai

Executive vice president:

Ye Xiaoyan、 Li Junfang、 Liu Haixia、Xiao Zheng、 Chen Fan、

Wu Qingwei、 Zhang Zhiying、 Chen Yanqun、 Hu Jianjie、 Gao Ruyan

Vice president:

Wang Xiaoqin、 Sun Lihua、 Li Fang、 Chen Longjia、 Gu Liqun、

Chen Jiawei、 Zhang Ying、 Zhao Shuping、 Jiang Yanying、 Pan Linda

Secretary general: 

Feng Ping

Deputy secretary - general: 

Xiao Zheng

Executive director:

Ding Juxiang、 Kong Muhua、 Wang Hong、 Chen Liya、 Lin Yuduan

Zheng Juanjuan、 Lin Jingxia、 Xu jun、 Yu Peipei、 Pan Xiaona


Ding Qiuping、 Wei Xi、 Liu Qun、 Song Yinhua、 Tang Yiying

The following units to be acknowledged for their patronage and support of the inauguration ceremony (listed at random):

CATVDubaiChinaLODAMAX ADVERTISINGQianlong FlowerGulf CaluncaLike Fashion、  Medstar HospitalJOJOAnti-clock Beauty BiotechnologyQianbo BiologicalDreaming of the SummerBeautechOld Wood Village1989 Global PhotographyDahlia Beauty SaloonEmirates Desert Tourism2000 Years Hotel、 Sun Tour Restaurant、 Jiali General Trading Co.、 DDS of Yanshuangs store、 Yaoyi Tea

Co-media (listed at random):

CATV、 DubaiChina、 Into Dubai、 Huaren、 Oasis Chinese、 Mideast Chinese、 tcDubai、 China Mart、


The vibrant Xinjiang dance


Children performing the Dai dance My hometown


The elegant group yoga show


A Pakistan little online star singing on the scene


Chinese classic cheongsam show


The photo of leaders with the cast


The photo of Consul Li with guests


More pictures...

The programs were diversified and colorful during the inauguration ceremony, including Zhang Xueyous classic song of How much i love you, awards draw and excellent performances.

Fabulous programs ended up with such fast elapse of the meeting time, but our strenuous struggle in a foreign country never stop. In here, DubaiChina wishes the leadership of the Chinese Womens Association UAE are excellent as their male colleagues, opening up new glories!

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