China Sea: China 's Eight Major Cuisines Gluttonous Feast for You

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China Sea in Dubai is a Chinese-brand and traditional restaurant, founded in December, 2003. It is the first international restaurant in Qingdao city, as one chain of Qingdao Fried Dumpling LLC located in UAE.


As an authentic Chinese restaurant, China Sea is furnished in the unified style of domestic headquarter. The use of Chinese palace-design imparts an air of classic elegance and luxurious generosity, which becomes an exotic picturesque scenery on the land of UAE, favored by the Arabian and people from the world.


Since its inception, China Sea in Dubai is one of the largest and the most luxuriously-furnished professional Chinese restaurant in the Middle East. 


China Sea has been successively awarded the Highly Commended Chinese, Best Independent and Budget by Time Out, and honored by the Chinese embassy in UAE for many times. Those endeavors of China Sea has won the reputation and set an good image for the Chinese people overseas, by which it was appointed as one of the top ten Qingdao foreign trading windows by Qingdao Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. China Sea has also received the officials of China and foreign political and economic leaders, which loved by the local communities.

In pursuit of perfection in cuisine making, China Sea gives full play to the traditional skills of famous chefs. Inheriting the Chinese cooking method, the restaurant dexterously innovates new varieties combined with the local cooking materials. By constant communication with the domestic, China Sea imports the friendly-environmental and famous-branded seasoning from china by air. The restaurant timely promotes new dishes and treats their guests, which shows the sophistication of Chinese food culture.





Honors of Qingdao Fried Dumpling LLC in China:

Famous Island Cuisine in 1987 by the Finance and Trade Commission of Qingdao Municipal Government;

Top 10 Famous Cuisine in 1996 by the Finance and Trade Commission of Qingdao Municipal Government;

“National Business Reputation Enterprise” in1996 by the Ministry of Trade;

Shangdong Famous Snack in 1997 by the Shangdong Department of Trade;

Chinese Famous Snack in 1997 by the Chinese Cuisine Association;

Chinese Traditional Enterprise in 1998 by the Ministry of Trade.

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