Running Girls: Chinese and foreign friends battle on Dubai Palm Jumeirah

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Following the "Running Man" hit in South Korea and the widespread in China, DubaiChina has bring the running boom from South Korea to Dubai!

The first season of Running Girls, successfully held in the vast desert on Nov. 14th, 2014,has won the great support and applause from the massive Chinese people. Now, the season 2 of Running Girls finally begin to be launched, which had attracted the attention of millions of people.

In this season, Running Girls has get the full support from China Pacific Travel, Star Lake Seafood Restaurant, Yimiyangguang, Taiwan Cake, Wenzhou Supermarket, Maya Advertising and Sofitel the Plam Resort.


Running Girls in season two came to the picturesque well-known Palm Jumeirah in Dubai--- the eighth wonder of the world. As the venue of this event, Sofitel the Plam Resort, located on East Crescent Rd of Palm Jumeirah, is a five-star luxury hotel with Polynesian style. It is featured with a private beach and a landscaped swimming pool. 


Bathed in the fresh sea breeze blowing, DubaiChina and the participants started the joy of island journey.

Fifteen participant joined in this event, divided into three groups which are blue team, yellow team and pink team, respectively. The competition contained three rounds of games, namely golden meteor hammer, tear the name tag and swimming relay. In addition, two international friends joined in the games, who made the competition more intense with their challenging energy you couldnt underestimate.


Joys and laughter were made throughout the whole event. Who has the best balance? Who got injuried accidentally in the game of tear the name tag? Who is the well deserved swimmer? Quickly open the following video and have a look~

Having finished one -day filming, those small partners also enjoyed a luxurious buffet dinner. Watching them eating so happily, the editor seems to get hungry again after meals~-~.

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